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Bring your                   to life with
stellar lense productions


Captivate your audience with powerful storytelling & cinematic production


Show your story.

Stories have power.

Power to connect. Power to change. Power to inspire.

At Stellar Lense Productions, we believe video isn't just another branding medium...

Video is the most powerful and creative way for you to show the world who are you, what you're about, and why they should care.

From commercials to TV & Film to music videos and beyond, we love helping businesses, organizations, and artists connect with their people through video.

What We're Making

Commercial videos

Emotional storytelling, powerfully acted and masterfully produced.

Make an unforgettable impression and connect with your audience in less than a minute. Our videos help you make more money, period.

Save Mart #ValleyProud Campaign
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Music videos

Help your fans see your music and hear your story.

Do more with your music with short films, mini-documentaries, live videos, and behind-the-scenes studio shoots.